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Welcome to Shadow Cat Adventures

Adventure Gear from the Experts

Our team is made up of outdoor adventure junkies. We decided after years of using the equipment that we should sell it because we know what we are talking about. The owners of Shadow Cat Adventures have been canyoneering, hiking, climbing, backpacking (both traditional and ultralight),kayaking, skiing and snowboarding for years. Many of our products have been through the slot canyons of Upper Arizona and Southern Utah or summited Mount Whitney or backpacked the 200 plus miles of the John Muir Trail. If we try a product and we do not like it or it does not perform like it was intended to then we will not endorse it. We are always adding new products to our site so come back often. The pictures you see throughout the website are actual photos of us doing some pretty amazing adventures. We hope that our gear will bring you years of enjoyment as you explore the wild outdoors.

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6 Liter Canyon Jug6 Liter Canyon Jug
$29.95  $22.95
Save: 23% off
Kong Oka Canyoneering DescenderKong Oka Canyoneering Descender
$39.95  $34.95
Save: 13% off
3.6 Liter Canyon Jug3.6 Liter Canyon Jug
$24.95  $17.95
Save: 28% off
Rodcle 35 Liter Green GlocesRodcle 35 Liter Green Gloces
$184.95  $159.95
Save: 14% off
Box of Builders BarBox of Builders Bar