Zion Canyoneering Video: Kolob, Englestead and Pine Creek

We went up to Zion National Park for the Fourth of July weekend. Two of our friends met us from Salt Lake City. Four of us descended the beautiful Kolob Canyon on Friday. We exited via the MIA route.

On day two, four of us did Englestead Hollow and exited via a sketch “sneak route.” Apparently there is a sneak route, but since it had just rained and we didn’t have good beta we missed it. Our route took us up a class 5 climb where pieces of the sandstone broke off in our hands and under our feet. The first two of us up dropped a rope down and pulled the other two up.

Day three all six of us descended Pine Creek. The canyon was in perfect condition. There is a new rappel off a log that wasn’t there a few years ago.


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