Waterholes Canyon -Technical Canyoneering

Waterholes canyon is a short, fun canyon near Page, Arizona. It is a very technical canyon with a rating of 4A III R. This is due to the Big Rap sequence. It is 420′ and you switch ropes 2 times. The first stage is 100′ down a crack to a very narrow ledge that you will need to back out of to an anchor on down canyon left. you will switch ropes and rappel down 20′ to the “Edge of the World” rappel. From there you will hook in with your personal anchor (or die) and switch to a 300′ rope to finish the rappel.

There are several rappels ranging from 10ft to the Big Rap. Ice forming behind the wall in part of the canyon caused part of it to fall. This, combined with a flash flood in 2013, has resulted in several new rappels and “The Squeeze” section being shorter and less challenging.

At the end of the Canyon you inflate your Supai raft or Explorer and paddle the 3.5 miles to Lees Ferry.




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