North Wash: Blarney, Witches Cauldron, Middle Fork of Maidenwater and Woody

Waterholes, Arizona

Poe Canyon, Waterfold Pocket, Utah

Heaps Canyoneering, Zion National Park 2013

Canyoneering in the Grand Canyon: 150 Mile, Matkat, Panameta and Olo Canyons

Zion Canyoneering: Kolob Canyon, Englestead Hollow and Pine Creek

Via Ferrata, Telluride, Colorado

How to Daisy Chain Webbing

How to tie a webbing water knot for a rappelling anchor

Christopher Creek Canyoneering

Canyoneering Canyon Crawl - Waterslides and Parker Canyons

Waterholes Canyon, Big Rappel, Canyoneering

Cove Canyon, Technical Canyoneering, Grand Canyon

Technical Canyoneering, The Island of Hawaii, Thanksgiving 2013

Middle Fork Deer Creek, Grand Canyon Canyoneering

Rock Creek Technical Canyoneering 2013

Barnhardt Canyon Technical Canyoneering Flash Flood

Canyoneering Bear Canyon nine year old

Mystery Canyon Technical Canyoneering, Zion National Park

Shake Tree Canyon Mazatzal Canyoneering

Canyoneering Parallel Play Canyon

Canyoneering Grand Canyon Garden Creek

Canyoneering The Maze and Questionable Decision


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