Technical Canyoneering, Barnhardt Canyon aka Canyon De Colorés, Canyon Crawl

Canyon Crawl, February 2014. It was supposed to be a weekend of canyoneering several canyons with a bunch of people. However, Mother Nature had other plans. It poured Friday night through Saturday evening and continued raining all day Sunday. A few of us braved the elements and went up Saturday afternoon and camped. It was a muddy mess. Sunday morning the rest of our crew showed up and the six of us hiked up and did Barnhardt Canyon. It is also known as Canyon De Colorés – and for a relatively short canyon it has a lot of rock color changes. It started with large red rock, changed to orange, then a green slate. This was infused with swirling granite. It is a beautiful canyon. I would not recommend doing it unless there was water. It wouldn’t be as fun or pretty.

Despite the rain and somewhat chilly day, everyone was in a good mood. We did question our sanity a few times as we hiked up the Barnhardt trail towards the snow and could see the angry, churning brown waters in the canyon below.


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