Video of Technical Canyoneering and Pack Rafting in the Grand Canyon, Tatahatso Canyon

Five of us drove more than 20 miles on the labyrinth of Navajo Nation dirt roads to a remote section of the Grand Canyon on Friday night. Early Saturday morning we scrambled into a side canyon of the Grand Canyon known as Tatahatso Canyon. We rock hopped for over two hours to get to the Narrows of Tatahatso Canyon. We worked the canyon for 8 hours encountering 7+ rappels, cold pools of water and tricky down climbs until we reached the Colorado River. Tatahatso is an amazing canyon with incredible colors and rock formations that developed over millions of years. We camped Saturday night on the Colorado River deep in the Grand Canyon. On Sunday morning we inflated individual Supai pack rafts and rafted 5 miles down the Colorado River to the President Harding Rapids. We packed up our gear and started the steep and sketchy 3,000 ft climb to the top of the Grand Canyon over 2.25 miles to a break in the cliffs known as Eminence Break. It was an amazing time in the canyon. How can the Feds close a canyon?


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