Grand Canyon Water Stations

Water availability in the Grand Canyon corridor as of 10-27-10 per Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon Overnight: North Kaibab Trailhead: water turned OFF Supai Tunnel: water turned OFF Roaring Springs [...]

Grand Canyon Hiking

I am off to the Grand Canyon today to hike the South Rim via South Kaibab to the North Rim and back up Bright Angel trail. 44.5 miles. I hope to beat my time of 17.5 hours from last year.

Stinky Hiking Gear

So your hydration pack is beginning to get very ripe. You wash it but it still stinks as soon as you use it again. You put odor eaters into your boots, but the stink is too powerful. What do you [...]

Grand Canyon Hike

Sorry everyone I have been busy for the last few weeks. I was spending every waking moment training to hike the Grand Canyon. I am now able to have a life again. I hiked 114 miles in September to [...]


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