Rappelling a Frozen Waterfall

So Ben and I have been trying to rappel this waterfall for quite a few years. Last year the snow levels were too high so we couldn’t get in. Last week I noticed all these people posting [...]

Sterling Chain Reactor

The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chain. The Chain Reactor absorbs enough energy to withstand 3 fall factor. Specs: Serves as a full strength, abrasion resistant extension of the [...]

Grand Canyon Hike

Sorry everyone I have been busy for the last few weeks. I was spending every waking moment training to hike the Grand Canyon. I am now able to have a life again. I hiked 114 miles in September to [...]

Water Holes Canyon

Ben and I went on a canyoneering trip through Water Holes Canyon. Thanks Scott Betz for this video of our trip.


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