Imlay Canyon Technical Canyoneering

Coulter, Ashbaugh, Mckenzie, Belcher and Wentzel started the 5 mile approach to the Imlay sneak route at 3AM. Got to the canyon about 7AM. Made it through the canyon—all 20+ rappels—in seven [...]

Chris Sharma Climbing Video for Petzl

Chris Sharma and Daila Ojeda return to Ceuse, Haute Alpes, France on a quest for new projects. This cliff has a special significance for Chris, as it was here, more than ten years ago that he did [...]

Rattlesnake season

Experts are says to watch out for snakes this time of year. So I have put together a quick snakebite update as well as pictures of common Arizona Rattlesnakes SNAKEBITES IN HUMANS A rattlesnake [...]

Flash Flood in Page

Flash flood in Page, Arizona. Including sandstone slot canyon footage. It’s pretty intense. [youtube id=”JNXKROlqcZY” width=”600″ height=”350″ [...]

US Forest Service Travel Management Plan

Did you travel in the back country of Arizona this past weekend? Chances are you may have broken the law and not even known about it. What is the US Forest Service Travel Management Plan? It’s [...]

Technical Canyoneering Rating System

Canyon Hiking Non-technical hiking where no rope is required. There might be some scrambling requiring the use of hands. Basic Canyoneering Rope recommended for belays, rappels and possible [...]

Punchbowl Technical Canyoneering

Check out the pictures of our technical canyoneering trip through Punchbowl Canyon. There were 14 rappels and many keeper potholes that required swimming. It was a cold and rainy day so good [...]


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