Merrell Radland Men’s Shoe Review

I have really liked the Merrell Outland hiking shoe. I could get 500-600 miles on one pair before they had to be retired. Unfortunately Merrell discontinued them so I bought a pair of the Radland [...]

Escalante Area Canyoneering

Some friends and I were up in the Escalante Grand Staircase this past Memorial Day weekend. We drove up Friday night and camped. The next morning we drove over to Egypt 2 and set up our anchor. [...]

Crazy Sandstone Slot Canyon

One Sunday morning four of us—permit in hand—decided to tackle a narrow, slot canyon. Watch the video of us as we slide, squeeze and rappel through. It has 12 rappels with the longest [...]

Tonto Passes

The Tonto Forest pass is now available online. The pass is required at campgrounds, boat ramps and swimming areas in the Tonto forest and along the Salt and Verde River. Passes cost $6 per [...]

Petzl Cordex Gloves Review

What they say: These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a fine driving glove. Double-layered leather protects the palm [...]

Frozen Waterfall Rappel Video

We previously posted photos of our awesome day of rappelling a frozen waterfall. Follow this link to our Shadow Cat Adventures Facebook page to watch the video. Frozen Waterfall Canyoneering

Extreme Day Hiking Tips

Go Early: One key to a successful long and satisfying day hike is to start in the night. Lose some sleep. Deal with it.  It’s OK. Think about it. Would you rather start out in the dark or end in [...]

Merrell: New for 2011

Merrell’s Spring arrivals are in. You can view them at The only reason I mention it is because they added my favorite hiking shoe back on the menu!! See it here: Outland

Merrell Outland Boot Update

I previously posted how much I loved the Merrell Outland boot. You can see the review here. I just wanted to post an update on my last pair. I purchased them in April of 2010 and wore them for [...]

Rappelling a Frozen Waterfall

So Ben and I have been trying to rappel this waterfall for quite a few years. Last year the snow levels were too high so we couldn’t get in. Last week I noticed all these people posting [...]

Great Auto Mechanic

I know that my posts are usually about adventures, gear, etc, but, from time to time you made need a mechanic to work on your vehicle to get you to those adventures. So I am posting this to [...]

Sterling Chain Reactor

The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chain. The Chain Reactor absorbs enough energy to withstand 3 fall factor. Specs: Serves as a full strength, abrasion resistant extension of the [...]


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