Hiking Energy Foods

Below is a list of Shadow Cat Adventure Guides recommended extreme hiking energy supplements and meal replacement bars. PROBARS Honored with Health Magazine’s ‘’Best In Food’’ award, these [...]

Surviving Until Found

So you are lost. Now, you need to take steps to ensure rescuers find you alive. There are a few common threats to your chances for survival. Loneliness If you begin to feel lonely and bored, it [...]

Rocklock Screwgate Review

Your Rating:  Headline: Durable and Reliable Pros: Simple, Quick to open Best Uses: Canyoneering, Rappelling I am an adventure guide that uses these for rappelling classes and canyoneering. They [...]

Dressing in Layers

Winters mostly here so it is time to dress the part. To be comfortable in the cold, layering is essential. The trick to layering is to combine the right clothing in the proper order, trapping the [...]


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