Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Hey fellow hikers it is bug season again and the nasty little “buggers” are out again. I went through Salome Jug on Friday and the gnats and wasps were crazy annoying. Saturday I was [...]

Surviving Until Found

So, you make the best choice and decide to wait to be found. Now, you need to take steps to ensure rescuers find a live person and not a body. There are a handful of problems that tend to be the [...]

Keep your toenails trimmed

Just a reminder to always trim your toenails fairly short before you do 30 miles of canyoneering and hiking. This is my big toe after doing Neon, Egypt and some Bryce Canyon hiking over Memorial [...]


At some point or another, many hikers are hit with a case of chafing on their inner thighs. This is a common occurrence resulting from your skin’s repeated rubbing against clothing or, [...]

Stinky Hiking Gear

So your hydration pack is beginning to get very ripe. You wash it but it still stinks as soon as you use it again. You put odor eaters into your boots, but the stink is too powerful. What do you [...]

Devils Canyon August 2009

WASHINGTON – Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will visit Arizona this month to get a firsthand look at the proposed site of a huge underground copper mine near Superior. Salazar will be in [...]

Hiking Tips

Just a few hiking tips that I’d like share. Bring duct tape, It works for anything from patching holes in a tent to covering blisters. Afterbite, which is an ammonia based product, works [...]

Always bring a GPS or Topo

You maybe be wondering why I am writing sentences, I believe if you read them you will know why… Let me tell you a story. We set out Saturday morning from Phoenix to hike in the Chiricahua [...]

Hikers Dying in Arizona

Maybe it’s just me, but has there been a bunch of news stories this spring about hikers dying in Arizona? We have had numerous stories of avid hikers falling off mountains that they hike [...]


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