The North Face Smedge 2 Review

What they say: The Smedge rocks. Literally. This breathable approach shoe excels on craggy, rock-strewn routes that require a low volume fit and a high-friction, sticky rubber grip. With a [...]

Merrell: New for 2011

Merrell’s Spring arrivals are in. You can view them at The only reason I mention it is because they added my favorite hiking shoe back on the menu!! See it here: Outland

Merrell Outland Boot Update

I previously posted how much I loved the Merrell Outland boot. You can see the review here. I just wanted to post an update on my last pair. I purchased them in April of 2010 and wore them for [...]


Well we have been blessed with a nice cool Spring, but the 100+ degree temps are right around the corner so be prepared. Make sure you bring at least 1 liter of water for every hour that you [...]

Grand Canyon Hike

Sorry everyone I have been busy for the last few weeks. I was spending every waking moment training to hike the Grand Canyon. I am now able to have a life again. I hiked 114 miles in September to [...]

Locationally Challenged

Despite all your preparations, planning your route, knowing how to use a map and compass  it still happened – you’re lost! So, now what should you do? Following some simple guidelines will [...]


Due to a recent story in the local news and the 110°+ temps I thought this was something that needs to be shared. What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration? The body’s initial [...]

Drowning in the Desert

Water intoxication (called hyponatremia) — once rare — is occurring more frequently as more recreational walkers, runners, cyclists and orienteering enthusiasts conquer marathons, 24-hour [...]

Dry weave and extreme temps

So this blog poses more of a question than a tip. I was hiking up Piestewa (Squaw) Peak the other day at 114°.  I was wearing my usual attire, hiking boots, hat, nylon shorts and a dry weave [...]

Rattlesnake Bite First Aid

First aid can be helpful before medical help arrives. People bitten by a poisonous snake should be moved beyond the snake’s striking distance, kept as calm and still as possible, and taken to the [...]


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