Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Hey fellow hikers it is bug season again and the nasty little “buggers” are out again. I went through Salome Jug on Friday and the gnats and wasps were crazy annoying. Saturday I was [...]


Well we have been blessed with a nice cool Spring, but the 100+ degree temps are right around the corner so be prepared. Make sure you bring at least 1 liter of water for every hour that you [...]

Hydration and Exercise in the Heat

Drinking fluids during exercise in hot weather actually does very little to prevent the body’s core temperature from rising. Evidence from recent studies suggests that the nervous system [...]


Due to a recent story in the local news and the 110°+ temps I thought this was something that needs to be shared. What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration? The body’s initial [...]

Desert Heat Hiking Tips

The Arizona summer heat is here, so be prepared before your go hiking. The following are a few tips. Check the weather for rain and high temperatures. Getting caught in a flash flood can ruin [...]


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