Bear Warning

Guess which one is the Black Bear? In the news today they were talking about a two-year-old black bear picked up in the Sun Lakes area and shipped off to the Tonto National Forest. So just [...]


So you didn’t use the Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Insect Repellent/Sunscreen I recommended in a previous post so now you have insect bites all over. What do you do? Go to REI/Target/Walgreens [...]

Dressing in Layers

Winters mostly here so it is time to dress the part. To be comfortable in the cold, layering is essential. The trick to layering is to combine the right clothing in the proper order, trapping the [...]

Desert Heat Hiking Tips

The Arizona summer heat is here, so be prepared before your go hiking. The following are a few tips. Check the weather for rain and high temperatures. Getting caught in a flash flood can ruin [...]


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