Rappelling a Frozen Waterfall

So Ben and I have been trying to rappel this waterfall for quite a few years. Last year the snow levels were too high so we couldn’t get in. Last week I noticed all these people posting [...]

Canyoneering Terminology R-Z

R rating Risky A subjective rating system used to rate canyons that are made more hazardous than an average canyon because of keeper potholes, dangerous and/or exposed downclimbing, long exposure [...]

Canyoneering Terminology A-D

Abseil Rappelling is a more common name for it. Sliding down a rope under control. Aid Climbing The use of anything other than the natural rock features. Alpine Style Canyoneering in a [...]


At some point or another, many hikers are hit with a case of chafing on their inner thighs. This is a common occurrence resulting from your skin’s repeated rubbing against clothing or, [...]

Singing Rock Balance II Review

Comfortable fit and foam padding in the waistbelt and leg loops treat you right on hanging belays and long routes Slotted adjustment system lets you fix the free end of the waistbelt strap in a [...]

Black Diamond ATC XP

The ATC-XP can control how much friction while belaying or rapping, which in turn means greater control with multiple rope diameters. Rappelling down a waterfall? Use the ATC-XP in high-friction [...]

Grand Canyon Hike

Sorry everyone I have been busy for the last few weeks. I was spending every waking moment training to hike the Grand Canyon. I am now able to have a life again. I hiked 114 miles in September to [...]


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