Rope Care and Replacement

Caring For Your Ropes:
Inspection: Product must be checked carefully, visually and by hand, prior to every use for signs of damage. During use, it is important to also check condition of all gear that will be employed into the safety system. A rope journal is recommended to log date, duration and type of use. If you have any questions about the safety of your rope, retire it.

Replacement Criteria: Ropes may be subject to irreparable damage during the first use. The rope must be retired immediately if any of the following are evident: excessive fraying, softness or stiffness; exposed cores; damage due to glazing or hard spots; or any lack of uniformity in diameter, color, texture. Retire the rope if it has been subjected to a shock load, excessive loading, if it has come in contact with any type of harmful chemicals, or extreme heat.

Service Life: The working life of your rope depends upon the frequency and type of use. These are approximate timelines for average and proper use of rope products.

Extensive and/or weekly use: 3 to 6 months

Occasional Use: 1-2 Years

Seldom Use: 2-5 years


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