Rodcle Consusa 45 Liter Pack Review

Rodcle Consusa I have tried many packs for canyoneering over the years. I currently us an older Arcteryx Bora 35 Liter for most canyons that don’t require a combination of overnight gear, packrafting gear and a wetsuit. But when I need all of these I use a Rodcle Consusa 45 liter pack.

This is a much better pack then my previous heavily modified Metolius Sentinel haul bag. It drains quickly, rides fairly well and opens easily with a large single compartment to quickly stuff canyon jugs, rappelling gear or rope.

The shoulder straps are also relatively comfortable – though I wish they were adjustable for longer torsos. I also like the external handles for dragging through narrow slots. The PVC material also holds up under these conditions. I also wish it had an adjustable lid height like the 55 liter version.

I added a dive belt weight pouch and a couple of zip ties to hold the hydration bladder hose in place (not included).


  • Drains quickly
  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Relatively comfortable both on your back and shoulders
  • Hugs your back well.
  • External handles
  • Opens and closes easily


  • Can’t adjust the waist strap up or down for longer/shorter torsos
  • Should really have a larger (clamshell) lid compartment. Opening is too small.
  • Only comes in yellow
  • Needs waist belt pouch or two

Overall rating: review_4_stars


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