Rodclé Chichin 40L + 2L Canyoneering pack


The Rodclé Chichin is a technical backpack similar to the Canyon Girl.

This backpack has an anatomical design specifically created for women, i.e. the shoulder straps of the pack are placed slightly closer together to accommodate female canyoneers.

The backpack has quick-release buckles on the straps, just like the other Rodcle backpacks, which allows you to detach the backpack quickly in dangerous situations.

Furthermore, the Chichin backpack has

  • Padded and preformed shoulder pads with material loops.
  • Lateral drainage Hidraplus X4.
  • Pocket in the top lid with zip closure with opening and outer padding.
  • Padded backrest.
  • The upper handle facilitates transport when the backpack is not carried and also allows it to be hung for storage.
  • Front handle.
  • Oscillating lumbar support to adapt to the female hip.
  • 40L contents can be extended to 42L.

Currently out of stock. This item may take 4-6 weeks to deliver


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