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The PIEPS iPROBE Carbon is an avalanche probe with integrated digital technology. It provides a hit and proximity reading for every standard beacon transmitter and enables a brief deactivation of the detected transmitter (for transceivers with iPROBE support).


the iProbe is the missing link in multiple avalanche burials. It has an Indicator for approaching and hitting to all standard transceivers. As well as an automatic display of the next strongest signal. It features an optical and acoustical indication in the handle So PIEPS provides the first truly 100% perfect safety solution for multiple avalanche burials! -sc


  • Receiving frequency 457 kHz

  • Power supply 1 Battery, Alkaline (AA)

  • Battery lifetime 250 h

  • Approaching range 2 m

  • Targeting range 0 – ca. 50 cm

  • Temperature range -20 degrees C up to 45 degrees C


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