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The Sterling Chain Reactor personal anchor is a replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chain. It absorbs enough energy to withstand three factor 2 falls. The Chain Reactor Pro doubles the tether connection, ideal for guide services. It is abrasion resistant and can also be used for a retrievable anchor in a pinch.-sc • Serves as a full strength extension of the “tie in point” of a harness • Extends a rappel device brake by more than twice the amount of brake line • Allows for a clear disconnect in deep, cold water • Can also be used to belay a canyon leader on a down climb or exposure

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  1. Michael Coulter

    The Chain Reactor Pro is the only PAS I use in the canyons. It allows me some flexibility in determining how far away to position the belay device. This is very useful in situations like rappelling down a waterfall. I trust the Chain Reactor with my life. In Waterholes Canyon (feeder of Grand Canyon), my Chain Reactor was used to anchor me to a bolt while hanging 300 ft in the air, and I changed ropes.

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