Canyoneering is a relatively new sport and the fastest growing sport in the country. Canyoneering is known by a few different names. Canyoneering is a catchall name, but is really the sport of going through a canyon, swimming, hiking and sliding to get through. Technical Canyoneering is similar, only more difficult because you need rappelling gear and ropes. Technical Canyoneering with packrafting is an even newer sport and, like technical canyoneering you need all the gear for rappelling, as well as a small, durable raft, paddles and a personal flotation device. You may also need sleeping gear since it may take a couple of days to get through some of these canyons. New canyoneering gear is always coming out on the market and is field tested by our guides. Canyoneering gear can be—but is not limited to— harnesses, ropes, helmets, gloves, packs<, webbing, carabiners, belay devices and wetsuits. Additional gear may be packrafts, paddles, life vests, dry bags or canyon jugs.




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