Olympus Stylus 850SW


Just a quick review of the camera I use for canyoneering. After drowning two cameras in wet canyons, I decided to try the Olympus Stylus 850SW. After using it through many wet canyons over the past year and a half. I would have to say it lives up to it’s tough camera image. The specs say it is freeze proof – I have taken it to Telluride and it still worked at 0 degrees. I have dropped it several times and even though it looks quite beat up it still works. Until recently it hadn’t even leaked. My waterproof Garmin GPS leaked the first time I took it canyoneering.

On a side note It did leak into the battery compartment my last trip and the pictures/LCD screen were foggy. However, I put it in a bowl of dry rice for three days and it is working fine again.


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