Mount Lemmon climber trapped on cliff by bee swarm

A climber on Mount Lemmon was rescued after swarming bees trapped him at the top of a pitch, stinging him hundreds of times, according to local news reports.
The climber’s equipment became tangled or malfunctioned, and a helicopter was used to disperse the bees who swarmed over him for hours, reports said.
Three other climbers suffered bee stings. The man was reported to be stabilized at a local hospital, but his condition was not known.

Here’s an excerpt from a news report from KVOA, Aug. 10, 2010:

[UPDATE | MOUNT LEMMON — According to Search and Rescue crews on the scene at Mount Lemmon, a group of climbers encountered a bees’ nest late Tuesday afternoon.

The bees swarmed and some of the climbers managed to escape, but one climber’s equipment malfunctioned and he became trapped in the swarm.

The climbers that escaped received hundreds of bee stings and have been taken to a local hospital.]

Full story:

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— Matt Kalina | Assistant Organizer, AHOTE | Scottsdale, AZ


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