Kong OKA Rappelling Device Review

The OKA is a rappelling device made by Kong. It is similar to the Petzl Pirana only it is larger and has more options. It also lasts a lot longer even in sandstone slot canyons.

I have tried it through wet and dry canyons and it performed great in both. I have also used it with 8mm Canyon Pro-DS, 8.3mm Canyon Fire, 9mm Canyon IV, and 9mm HTP ropes. It has also been used both single and dual-line.

I also tested it with an autoblock and it works well.

Additionally, locking off was easy and solid. I didn’t have the manual with me so I pulled a bite through the slot on the right side, gave it a twist, and hooked it over the horn. It stayed put.

I really like the smoothness of the rappel that is demonstrated in the single line with or without friction.

The only negative I have about it is the rubber washer, they do not last long, but Kong does provide 2 more in the package. I feel that they should have gone the route of the Petzl Pirana and made it permanent and more durable. Using the device without the washer risks the chance of it dropping off in keepers and swimmers.


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