How to use a Petzl PIRANA

Rappelling Device for Technical Canyoneering

pirana- additional-brake
pirana-dual line

The PIRANA descender offers multiple braking options and can be installed on the rope without removing it from the harness. Designed for use with canyoneering descent techniques.

Pros of the PIRANA

  1. The PIRANA has three different braking positions to select from before beginning a descent
  2. Two supplementary braking spurs allow friction to be varied during descent
  3. In conjunction with the PIRANA you will also need a 12mm carabiner. The Petzl Attache or William carabiner provide a tight fit in the small hole, creating a “rigid” carabiner / descender unit
  4. Stays securely attached to the harness during rope insertion, to help prevent loss
  5. Reduces the risk of leverage on the carabiner gate due to poor positioning
  6. The PIRANA helps prevent the formation of a lark’s head hitch around the body and reduces rope twisting, without decreasing braking friction

Cons of the PIRANA

  1. Wear out quickly in sandstone canyons of Arizona and Southern Utah
  2. Causes the rope to get curls in the end

Additional Information

  • Made in: France
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Rope compatibility : For use with single ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter
  • Can be used on double ropes, but certain braking positions may not be usable depending on the rope’s diameter.
  • Material(s): Hot forged aluminum body (6082 ALU)



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