Hiking Slang


Feel free to add to the list.

  • Anchor: Affix a rope to the rock via a bolt or webbing
  • Autoblock: Another name for a Prusik Loop. Used for slowing descent of a rope or ascending a rope.
  • Beer: Hiking, Canyoneering, etc. recovery beverage
  • Belay Device: ATC, Figure eight, Totem or any other device used for slowing your descent on a rope while rappelling
  • Biner: Short for carabiner. A carabiner locking or non-locking metal loop used for rope work.
  • Bomb-Proof: illusion that anchor, pack etc. is indestructible
  • Bushwhacking: Travelling through forest or woods with no established trails or markings
  • Cairn: The stone piles often erected along a trail to serve as an indicator of trail direction.
  • Canyoneering: Sport of hiking, rock hopping and swimming through a dry to flooded canyon.
  • Deadmans Anchor: anchor that consists of webbing tied around a rock, which is buried under a pile of rocks.
  • Downclimbing: Descending the difficult way.
  • Face Plant: Trip and falling on your face
  • Hoodoo: The rock formations that look like a pillar, Such as in Bryce, Utah
  • Hot Spot: a pre-blister area on the foot usually red and slightly swollen.
  • Male Blindness: when a male hiker watches a beautiful female walking over rough terrain and stares intensely at all the jiggling parts, making him too dizzy to see straight when it’s his turn to walk the same terrain!
  • Nature Boner: When you go out in nature and the surrounds are so breath-taking they excite you.
  • Naturetarded: When you get done hiking, canyoneering, rappelling, etc. and you are so hyper you can’t think straight or calm down
  • Rock! Warning called out to let person below you on a hill know that a rack is coming their way
  • Scrambling: Easy mountain climbing, usually unroped.
  • Shiggy: Off-trail terrain, typically consisting of brush, brambles, mud, and stream crossings.
  • Shin Dagger: small agave plants that grow under tall grass.
  • Snake Fright: The involuntary noise made when you almost step on a rattlesnake
  • Technical Canyoneering: Similar to canyoneering, but requires skills and gear in rappelling, anchor building and canyon navigation.

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