Hikers Dying in Arizona

Maybe it’s just me, but has there been a bunch of news stories this spring about hikers dying in Arizona? We have had numerous stories of avid hikers falling off mountains that they hike all the time or dying of a heart attack in the middle of the trail. With that in mind I post these outdoor safety tips.

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you’ll be back.
  • Carry plenty of water.
  • Don’t hike alone. Stay together.
  • Stay on the trail.
  • Know the names of the area and trail.
  • Carry a trail map.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and sturdy hiking footwear.
  • Know your limitations.
  • Carry the essential gear that I mentioned in a previous post.
  • Check the weather.
  • Learn basic first aid.
  • If you get lost, stay calm and stay put.

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