Heaps Canyon,Technical Canyoneering, 4th of July Weekend 2013

Five of us woke up at 1AM and drove to Lava Point in the North West section of Zion National Park, Utah. We hiked in nine miles to Phantom Valley. We arrived at the first rappel at 6:30AM. We were at the first of five Narrows by 8:30AM. The water levels were low, the lowest the Ranger had ever heard of. There were at least 25 Keeper Potholes—half required buddy boosts, pack tosses and/or creative think. This was difficult on four hours of sleep two days in a row (We did Mystery the day before).

Nine and half hours later we were at the top of the 500 drop. Unfortunately, so was a huge storm. Wind howled, Thunder grumbled overhead and it was pouring. We waited for an hour and it let up. We finished Heaps 17 hours from when we left the vehicle.


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