Hawaii, Technical Canyoneering, the Big Island, Thanksgiving

Six of us went out to Hawaii, The Big Island, for Thanksgiving 2013. It was five days of technical canyoneering, snorkeling, going to a luau and hiking in Volcanoes National Park. These pictures are some of the canyons we did. Technically they are not canyons, they are creeks. The highlight of the creeks were the stunning waterfall rappels. Another great part of canyoneering in Hawaii is that when you are hungry you can pick fresh guava or bananas right off the trees. We also saw wild pigs as well as wild ginger.

The canyons we did were Kapili Creek, Maili Creek, Waikaumalo Creek and Nanaue Creek. Nanaue was my favorite with an amazing 110′ waterfall rappel over an arch.

If you decide to go, keep in mind that the rocks are the slipperiest rocks I have ever walked on. Our FiveTen Insights and Canyoneers did not stick at all. I even broke my thumb falling and one of our team also cracked open her shin pretty bad as well.

The islanders are very friendly, Hawaii doesn’t get as many tourists as Maui or Oahu and we were mainly on the East – rainforest side – north of Hilo. The Kona side is drier and receives more visitors and of course they grow Kona coffee so there is coffee tasting on that side of the island.


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