Grand Canyoneering Video: 150 Mile, Matkat, Panameta and Olo Canyons

This is a video of our Grand Canyon four day trip that was 38 miles of off-trail hiking, rock-hopping and canyoneering. It also included three miles of packrafting and 13,800 feet of elevation gain. We descended 150 Mile Canyon and packrafted across the Colorado River on day one. On day two we ascended Matkat Canyon dropped our overnight gear and hiked over to Panameta Canyon. We descended Panameta and hiked back up Matkat grabbed our gear and hiked back to the top of Panameta to camp for the night. Day three we climbed up to the Esplanade and crossed over to Olo Canyon via the Sinalaya Fault. We descended Olo Canyon and packrafted back down near 150 Mile Canyon to camp. Day Four we ascended 150 Mile Canyon back to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


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