Dana Wentzel

Partner | Adventure Guide

Destined to be an adventure guide, Dana is a former Sergeant in the Marine Corps and used to teach land navigation. Tourists don’t have to worry about getting lost with him, but if pigs do happen to fly by — you’ll be in good hands. In addition to his nature skills and leadership, Dana has kept his CPR and Wilderness First Aid Certification up-to-date. He was also a lifeguard for four years. Originally from Seattle, WA., Dana comes from a family of avid hikers. His father and brother hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Oregon to Canada. Unfortunately, Dana wasn’t old enough to go. Building off of this childhood disappointment, Dana developed a life-long obsession with anything relating to the outdoors — hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, mountain biking and canyoneering are a few of his favorites. Dana is also the Executive Director of Peak Planet, a Kilimanjaro trekking company.


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