Christopher Creek Canyoneering Video

Christopher Creek Gorge is in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest and is a great beginner canyon. It is easy to get in and out of and it’s a great way to escape the summer heat. There are several pools and you can rappel up to five times.  There will be several opportunities to rappel or down-climb based on your skills, with the largest rappel being around 50 feet. On several occasions we have descended using a 100 foot rope.

Wetsuits should be considered depending on personal preference and time of year. In the heat of the summer I don’t wear one, but spring or fall I would recommend it.

It almost always rains and/or hails when I have been in there as well.

Route GPX Download

Parking: You can park on the road to the maintenance yard, since it appears to be shutting down or on the side of 260 a little farther down. There is also a new elk/cattle fence that you have to go around or under.

Location: East of Payson on 260
Rating: 3C – II
Longest Rappel: ≈ 50′


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