Andrew Wentzel

Junior Guide Andrew has been hiking since he was three years old. He has hiked Rim-River-Rim in the Grand Canyon (16.5 miles, 5000 ft elevation gain), Mount Baldy (11,400 ft 15 miles) and [...]

Rattlesnake season is here

Arizona rattlesnakes are starting to come alive as the weather warms. At least one person has already been bitten by a rattlesnake in the Tucson area. Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center [...]

Hiking Slang

Feel free to add to the list. Anchor: Affix a rope to the rock via a bolt or webbing Autoblock: Another name for a Prusik Loop. Used for slowing descent of a rope or ascending a rope. Beer: [...]

The Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Symptoms of dehydration usually begin with thirst and progress to more alarming manifestations as the need for water becomes more dire. The initial signs and symptoms of mild dehydration in [...]

Black Diamond ATC XP

The ATC-XP can control how much friction while belaying or rapping, which in turn means greater control with multiple rope diameters. Rappelling down a waterfall? Use the ATC-XP in high-friction [...]

Stinky Hiking Gear

So your hydration pack is beginning to get very ripe. You wash it but it still stinks as soon as you use it again. You put odor eaters into your boots, but the stink is too powerful. What do you [...]

Surviving Until Found

So you are lost. Now, you need to take steps to ensure rescuers find you alive. There are a few common threats to your chances for survival. Loneliness If you begin to feel lonely and bored, it [...]

Rope Care and Replacement

Caring For Your Ropes: Inspection: Product must be checked carefully, visually and by hand, prior to every use for signs of damage. During use, it is important to also check condition of all gear [...]

Rocklock Screwgate Review

Your Rating:  Headline: Durable and Reliable Pros: Simple, Quick to open Best Uses: Canyoneering, Rappelling I am an adventure guide that uses these for rappelling classes and canyoneering. They [...]

Dressing in Layers

Winters mostly here so it is time to dress the part. To be comfortable in the cold, layering is essential. The trick to layering is to combine the right clothing in the proper order, trapping the [...]

Obama Saving the West

WASHINGTON – In the never-ending struggle in the West over whether public lands should be harvested for their valuable metals, fuels and timber or set aside for future generations of people [...]


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