Camelback Echo Canyon Closure

The Echo Canyon trail on Camelback Mountain closes today for renovations add more spaces to the parking lot and reconstruction to severely eroded parts of the trail. It will remain closed for the [...]

Chris Sharma Climbing Video for Petzl

Chris Sharma and Daila Ojeda return to Ceuse, Haute Alpes, France on a quest for new projects. This cliff has a special significance for Chris, as it was here, more than ten years ago that he did [...]

US Forest Service Travel Management Plan

Did you travel in the back country of Arizona this past weekend? Chances are you may have broken the law and not even known about it. What is the US Forest Service Travel Management Plan? It’s [...]

Adidas Buys Five Ten

Adidas on Thursday said it has acquired California outdoor footwear and apparel brand Five Ten in a $25 million deal that cements the sportswear giant’s commitment to the outdoor market. The [...]

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Hey fellow hikers it is bug season again and the nasty little “buggers” are out again. I went through Salome Jug on Friday and the gnats and wasps were crazy annoying. Saturday I was [...]


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