Barnhardt Canyon – Technical Canyoneering

Photos of our Barnhardt Canyon trip. Barnhardt is also know as Canyon De Colores due to the drastic change in rock types in a relatively short canyon. The rock starts out as red boulders then changes quickly to orange rock then to green slate. There is also gray rock with swirls and streaks throughout the canyon. We went in during a very rainy weekend so the water was brown with mud which made for fun rappels. To access the canyon, head up the Barnhardt Trail in the Mazatzal Wilderness passing Big Kahuna along the way. You’ll continue to climb until you reach the top of the ridge then head north. In reality, it is not a very technically challenging canyon. There are a few rappels, the longest being just under 100 feet, and many pools to swim. There are also several short downclimbs. I would only recommend doing this canyon during the spring when the snow melt creates a good flow. Most other times of the year it is too exposed and dry to be enjoyable.


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