Adidas AX2.0 Canyoneering Shoe Review

Bless you Adidas for buying Five Ten. I was worried that when Adidas bought Five Ten they  would discontinue making shoes that would work in wet canyons. Not only did they continue, they made an OUTSTANDING canyoneering shoe. The sticky rubber technology (Now called Traxion) that Five Ten had on their extremely uncomfortable canyoneering shoes works great on these shoes. They have a more aggressive tread pattern, with larger lugs. At first I was worried that with less surface area touching the rock I would slip. But they stuck great. They are also light weight – just 10.9 Ounces (size 9) and very comfortable. I have no hot spots or blisters after doing 20+ mile in them with 40+ pounds on my back. I feel the sizing is pretty true. I normally wear a 10.5 shoe. For hiking I wear and 11 and In Five Tens I wore a 11.5. I bought an 11 and my toes never touched the front despite the extremely steep terrain.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Drain quickly
  • Stick great.


  • Shoe laces untie easily (even with double knots.)
  • Lugs are grabby until you get used to them, they caught a few times and tripped me up.

Overall rating: review-stars

Recommend them: Hell yes!


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